Revisiting Aescetics


Have you ever listened to a song that brought back a specific moment in time? Nostalgia? Childhood?

“Jump Up Behind Me”- My father beckoned me into our living room in Islamabad, Pakistan, and told both my twin sister and I to sit on a wooden bench and listen. Our Dad loved to stop at certain objects to teach us information about things. Isabel and I sat in awe a he explained the elements that compose a song: rhythm, melody, harmony, beat. He told us to tap our feet every other beat, to gain a sense of the instruments playing.

It’s funny how these moments in time really make me appreicate my father. I might complain about him, but so much of my knowledge comes from his desire to spread what he has learned. It’s so easy to gloss over these small details that make things beautiful. The song “Jump Up Behind Me” came on shuffle the other day, and Isabel and I looked at each other, nodding, silently acknowledging the happiness and nostalgia that it arises in both of us. I listen to it and hum to the beat. When I play this song, I forget all of the trivial things that bother me on a daily basis. It’s nice to retrn to pure serenity. “It felt like a festival and it felt like Christmas morning.” Thank you James 🙂


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