Sometimes it’s good to cry.


Let out everything that has been bottled up. Confront reality. One is everything and everything is one, from darkness emerges lightness, and we can appreciate the Sun and the moon in the starry night sky.


Recognize that you exist. You were created to inhabit this special place, never let that opportunity pass by, or take it for granted. We oftentimes go about too quickly to stop and realize that a tree in your backyard has grown, a certain flower that drooped in the wintertime is now in full blossom, or that a butterfly that landed on our hair yesterday is now dead.

Do things that you love. Be open to others, share with them your fears and joys, do not be afraid to understand them. (or try to) In others we find ourselves. Friends are our best teachers for compassion, yet nature is our universe’s guaranteed path former. Nature is impermanent, but will always exist, enveloping us in the natural formations of its billion year old stars, rocks, and hydrogen and oxygen molecules.


The air is so fresh, purified by the creek in your neighbors back yard, yet heavy with the bacteria of dinosaurs and the wilderness.




What will you do with this life?


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