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My temporary relief


The work that we have been doing in Philosophy about art has made me stop and think about every single time I need art to cope with things.┬áLet’s just say the list is pretty long.

I got home today in weird mood, and for some reason this song was so great to listen to. Sometimes I just need music to sympathize with, or to provide a harmonious background in my head to replace other negative/unecessary thoughts. Thank you art!! Plato, I have proven you wrong.


I do not believe anyone who says that they can live without art.


There are far too many complex emotions and incomprehensible human habits for someone to live a life void of externalizing their feelings through music, movies, or throwing balloons at a canvas to produce “modern” art. The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is my music- I can turn up Blink 182, or Carla Bruni, or whatever it is I can relate to most, and purge my anger, sadness, frustration through their lyrics. This is why I need art! I can officially deny any personal truth to what Plato says- art, for me, elicits catharsis, which releases any pent up emotion and allows me to reach higher truths because my mind is clearer.

Corny poem I wrote that was much needed


Oh, honey, we all grow up
It’s okay, I’m here directly across
I know you may hate me, or her, or whoever did you wrong
And I know it’s incomprehensible,
But you are beautiful
In so many other ways
Than you, yourself, think,
You are so young,
So talented,
So smart.
Please listen to me, and talk to me,
I want you to escape the darkness
Because the light is too abundant for you to slip away from me.
I want to show you the beauty in life,
You are a breathing, functioning miracle
Of this Earth,
And you deserve nothing but the best
Please, come see me. Come sit next to me
See the beauty, honey
You are the beauty



“Mary’s in India” by Dido (

In this song, Dido narrates a story where her best friend, Mary, leaves for India to escape her boyfriend, Danny. Dido is excellent at describing the sense of loss and hopelessness that Danny experiences after, even though the end of the story results in Dido stealing Danny from her best friend to “take care of him.” While I did not experience similar situations, I can relate to the loss embodied in her music. Everytime I hear this song I cry, but I think these tears are good for me to let out, especially since there are so many people that I have had to leave as a foreign service brat. India is so far away, and while Facebook and Skype do me some good, they don’t allow for me to truly see and be with the people I have come to love and appreciate overseas. It’s sad to think that while I could see their lives grow and prosper online, I may not ever see them again in my lifetime. This song makes me sad, but it also makes me appreciate the people that I surround myself with now- and possibly even hope to see some of my other friends in the future.

How does this reflect my personal aesthetic?
A lot of the songs I choose are based off of the lyrical meanings and narration told by the author. In this song, Dido tells a fictional account of how she steal her best friend’s boyfriend when they are separated from eachother/after a breakup- obviously, I can’t sympathize with this, but I think it deals a lot with loneliness and coping with the physical absence of someone you love. In a way, I think Dido does this because she wants to offer Danny solace when he’s going through a rough time. In a literal sense, I can empathize with someone being in India- I lived there for 3 years- which reminds me of how blessed I’ve been to travel, but also the drawbacks from living the life of a nomad.

“Valerie” by Amy Winehouse (

In an ironic twist, “Valerie” is almost the exact opposite of “Mary’s in India” in terms of the story told and even music style. I begin listening to Amy Winehouse at a very happy period in my life- when I had just escaped some struggles with eating issues, and having to deal with the pain of moving to a different country- and this song always brings back joyous, childish, sometimes naive times. For anybody that has never listened to an Amy Winehouse track (and not just “Rehab”, that was just a pop sound made to bring in money from the radio), I’d recommend you start now- her voice, the jazz, it’s all magnificent. Specifically, I remember sitting on a dock one summer with my twin and younger sister, right before we were going to go kayaking in the Puget Sound in Washington State (where my grandparents live). It was probably around noon, the sun was reflecting off of the cool freshwater, and Isabel was listening to Valerie in her iPod. We all simultaneously rose from the dock, and, in a somewhat crazed manner, danced around to the song yelling it at the top of our lungs. I felt like a British pop singer with a raspy voice, dancing next to Mark Rohnson (a genius producer) and swaying back and forth to the jazzy beat. I’m sure everyone thought we were psycho, but it was probably the most liberating experience ever. I still do this sometimes when I’m having a bad day. Amy may be gone, but her voice is something that I can always relate to.

How does this reflect my personal aesthetic?
“Valerie” is an upbeat, jazzy song with Amy Winehouse’s unique raspy, 60’s inspired voice that adds to the eccentric sound. Like Mary’s in India, Valerie is a narrative about Amy’s personal relationship with a friend, and how she misses her and wants to catch up, only in this case there is a more positive undertone to it. I think I value a lot of personal relationships I have with people, just because I’ve learned to treasure certain individuals and spend time with them because I know I won’t get to for a long time. It’s so nice being able to visit some of my old friends and share all of my experiences with them, even if we live 1,000 miles away from each other and haven’t seen each other for 5 years.

RIP Amy Winehouse